Treibball is a fun sport for ALL dogs!

I am currently teaching a Treibball class for two dogs, owned by two delightful trainers. One dog is a Border Collie, no surprises there, right? Herding dog doing a ball herding game. The other dog is, wait for it…a Chihuahua. Yes, a tiny, wee, Chihuahua. He is enjoying himself as much as the Border Collie, and learning the skills needed to play the game just as well as the BC. He may actually be more fun to watch!

My main goals as a trainer in Treibball classes are teaching my students to have fun with their dogs, what it means to work in tandem with their dogs, and the basic, foundation skills required to play the game. There are a surprising number of things a dog and handler need to know, before they ever even get to moving a ball!

If you are interested in playing a fun and challenging sport with your dog, which doesn’t require the handler to run much, and is still busy and exciting for both members of the team, come out and give Treibball a try! We have balls for all sizes, and rules of the game for dogs from teacup size to giant breeds! Kids and adults can play, pups and seniors, too!

My hope for the future is to be able to train enough Treibball students to form a team, or a league, and play together frequently! Come on out and join the fun!

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