Shelter Consultation

I have worked in both brick-and-mortar and emergency sheltering since 1991. First as a veterinary technician, then as a behavior consultant and trainer. I have the background to help you integrate your teams and build a great system to help your intake flow be as low stress as possible, keep your staff and volunteers safe, and improve quality of life and adoptability for the animals in your care.

Topic Options include:

  • Intake and Flow Auditing
  • Behavioral Euthanasia for Staff and Volunteers
  • Playgroup Training and Demonstration
  • Enrichment, What Is It? Why Does It Matter?
  • Risk Assessment
  • Team Integration
  • Safe and Defensive Handling
  • Transport Best Practices
  • Shelter’s Choice 

Consulting Fees:

On-site consultation: $750.00 per day plus expenses (travel, lodging, meals, transportation)

Remote consultation: $750.00 for 6 hours, plus 2 hours of follow up/writing.

Writing/program review $175.00/hour

Trainer to Trainer peer consultation $100/hour

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